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How Do You Know If a Rap Song Has Corny Lyrics?

How do you know if a sung verse has corny lyrics? Corniness is the lack of finesse in tone and delivery. When you don’t know the origin of a rhyme, you may not recognize its use in rap. The quality of a rap song depends on the subject matter, delivery, and artistry of the rapper. However, it is easy to become corny just by listening to rap.

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Throughout hip-hop’s nearly 40-year history, rappers have used corny words and phrases to get their points across. Some rappers are known for delivering cutting insults, like the one about Kanye’s 2002 car accident. Other rappers, such as Will Smith, have built a reputation for being wholesome and delivering PG jokes. For example, “Parents Just Don’t Understand” has a couple of PG jokes about pants.

Rap lyrics should reflect the artist’s true self, not merely the songwriter. Rappers should be honest and authentic, and not rehash the same lines as countless other rap artists. Whether it’s J Cole, Lil Dicky, or a rapper of color, people will overlook the corniness as long as it relates to the content of the song.

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Usually, rap songs consist of 2 or three verses and choruses of eight or sixteen bars. Some verses have only one 12-bar verse, while others have two different 12-bar verses. Some rap songs feature a four-bar pre-chorus. If you listen closely, you will recognize if a verse is corny or not. So, how do you know if a rap song has corny lyrics?

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