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Is Real Estate Hard to Get a License?

If you have been thinking of becoming a real estate agent but are intimidated by the thought of taking an exam, think again. There is no such thing as a “cakewalk” test when it comes to real estate licensing. The truth is, many people fail the real estate license test on their first try. In fact, a good number of people never pass the test at all. However, there are some things you can do to make the process easier for yourself.

Getting a real estate license doesn’t take four years of college. However, the process is long, expensive, and mentally draining. The hardest part is learning the intricacies of the industry. You’ll also need to take an exam administered by your state to obtain your license. Most states require a passing score of 70-75%. There are some states, however, that require additional training or additional exams.

The exams are designed to be difficult, weeding out unqualified agents. The pass rate varies between states, but hovers around 50% across the country. If you fail the exam, there is no reason to lose hope. There are several ways to get through the exam and move on to the next step: starting your career as a real estate salesperson. If you fail the exam, you can still work with a sponsor or take another course in real estate school.

The education is a crucial step in the process. To become a real estate agent in Texas, you must complete 180 hours of education. In addition to the licensing exam, you also need to select a sponsoring broker. This broker should be experienced and can help you navigate the first year of your career. Before choosing a sponsor, make sure you research your sponsor carefully online and double-check their license before deciding on a sponsor.
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