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What Do You Love About Country Music Lyrics?

What do you love about country music lyrics? Are they sad or uplifting? These songs are perfect for lovers who want a little romance in their lives. There is something for everyone when it comes to country music. Country songs are sometimes a bit sexist but you’ll find some great love songs in the genre. For example, one country artist sings about the perfect relationship. While this might be the ultimate goal for any couple, it is also detrimental to females.

Country music lyrics often focus on attractive women who deserve more attention than they get. Four out of twenty songs in the country genre feature beautiful women. One song from 2001 by Brooks and Dunn, “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You,” lists all the attributes the love interest has that he admires about her. You can hear the lovelorn narrator’s frustration and longing in this song.

Some songs are more sexist than others, and some people might consider country to be more conservative. They contain traditional themes and are reminiscent of fairy tales. Today, many of these songs are still extremely popular and their messages haven’t changed. While country is a different genre, some people feel country songs are dangerous. Some of these lyrics can be dangerous and suggest that the genre is sexist.

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