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Why Isn’t There Any Image of How the Sun Looks From the Moon?

Why isn’t there a picture of the sun from the moon? One theory is that the sunlight is so much brighter on the Moon than on Earth because the Earth’s atmosphere scatters light to make it appear blue. Because the moon is so thin, its atmosphere is so thin that it doesn’t reflect much light and therefore is much more difficult to photograph. In fact, the first attempt to take a picture of the sun from the moon resulted in the camera dying because of the excessive brightness.

The lack of stars in Apollo 11’s panorama proves that it was staged. The bright light of the Sun reflects off the astronauts and highlights the lunar landscape. No wonder it was said that the moon looks like a cardboard cutout. Nevertheless, the Moon is not that far away, and NASA’s photos are a good representation of its appearance. But how do we know for sure that NASA actually took the photos?

The moon’s surface is actually very flat, and a low-lying sun can appear jagged and pedestal-like. Clouds around it can also enhance the artistic view. But what makes these images difficult to obtain is the process of atmospheric refraction. This effect occurs when light travels through different densities and temperatures. It’s the same process that makes Newshunttimes a spoon in a glass of water appear broken.

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